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Some main points summarised

NB: This page does not replace reading the official competition information in Finnish or Swedish.

Important contact information

     First aid group, telephone: +358 50 321 2882.

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 Event Centre and arrival

  • ·        The address of the event centre is Korsolammentie 33, Kirkkonummi. It is forbidden to drive to the event centre by own car.
  • ·        Sign posting starts from road 51 (Jorvaksentie) at exit nr 18 (Kirkkonummentie).
  • ·        Parking for the competitors is on a field (Myllykyläntie 25, Kirkkonummi). It’s 2.5 km to walk to the event centre from the parking. Make sure you have enough time for parking and taking yourself to the event centre!
  • ·        Parking ticket (10 eur) must be bought at the information desk in the event centre.
  • ·        Information desk is open on 7.30-16 on Saturday and 7-16 on Sunday.
  • ·        In the event centre there is a restaurant that serves soup lunch and a café.

Start, quarantine, number bibs and clothes at the quarantine

  • ·        First start on Saturday 3.9.2016 at 11.00. Distance to the quarantine: 1.2 km.
  • ·        First start on Sunday in the A-final 11.00, distance to the quarantine: 1.2 km.
  • ·        You must reach the quarantine area both days before 11.30.
  • ·        First start on Sunday in the national competition (B final) at 9.00. Distance to start: 2 km.
  • ·        Number bibs are used in all classes. The bibs are in the quarantine area.
  • ·       In the quarantine area there is a shelter, toilets, and a place where to leave clothes for transport to the event centre. You must have your own bag for your clothes.


In the A-final the runners with odd start numbers in H 21 take the map H21-1 and the runners with even numbers take the map H21-2.






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